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A quick note on dates

That’s the alphanumeric display of time reference, rather than the “going out and meeting someone” type of date. Today’s xkcd points out ISO 8601, which stipulates that 2013-02-27 is how you write today’s date, so I thought I would just … Continue reading

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On speaking different body-dialects

Via a shout-out on Evan Marc Katz’ blog (I’ve been following EMK for a while, but Oliver Burkeman referenced him recently as well), I find an article on Blake Eastman, a dating coach who focusses on body language. Eastman’s theory … Continue reading

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Choose your Helsinki Bus Station wisely

Mama and I are both avid followers of the “self-help” column by Oliver Burkeman, published in the Guardian newspaper. He is gloriously sceptical of the norms and facile platitudes that typify so much of what passes for self-help in most … Continue reading

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Knowing when to leave it (issues)

There is, of course, another potential post that would be “Knowing when to leave it (ideas)”, that would talk about knowing when a cool idea is just not going to work out neatly (I’ve had to drop a few like … Continue reading

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Stories itch

This is something that really bothers me about writing, or being a writer: stories itch.   That is to say, they won’t leave me alone when I have an idea or a scene in mind, then once it’s there it won’t … Continue reading

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Meeting for lunch – worry o’clock!

I overthink EVERYTHING (so much so that I decided it was the one piece of information that HAD to be on my profile page, and as I type this post is the only thing on there).   I worry about stuff … Continue reading

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Maggie Mayhem tells “Tales of”

Posting this without comment (I feel it’s too early for me to think about wading into this type of fight again), for people to go check out themselves.   It’s pretty critical of the company, and I’ve heard enough from other … Continue reading

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BDSM and Informed Consent using Up-goer Five language

(Originally posted @ my Fetlife account) The Up-Goer Five Text Editor (inspired by this xkcd post) challenges people to explain hard ideas using only the ten hundred most commonly used words. This is what I came up with to explain … Continue reading

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Why Men Need Their Own Gender-Liberation Movement

(Originally posted by me at Mists Will Rise) Amanda Marcotte argues in a post (found via the F-Word blog) that Progressive “Men’s Movements” Are Bound to Fail, giving reasons. I happen to disagree, although I think also that Marcotte’s points … Continue reading

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It may sound narcissistic, but I love talking about me

(Originally posted by me at Mists Will Rise.) One of my pastimes, particularly when feeling insomniac or on a messed-up sleeping pattern, is to log on to Psychological Research on the Net and fill in a whole bunch of surveys … Continue reading

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