Stories itch

This is something that really bothers me about writing, or being a writer: stories itch.   That is to say, they won’t leave me alone when I have an idea or a scene in mind, then once it’s there it won’t go away.

For a long time, this was a real problem, because I would start writing a new one before I was finished on sketching out the full storyline of the last one, and of course that  means neither gets finished.

Then I learned the discipline of finishing things by sticking with them until they actually were finished (at the moment, this is my novel: it has now reached the stage where I need to spread it over multiple word processor documents!)   However, that has its own torture.   I don’t stop getting new ideas just because I am focussing on this one.   And new story ideas – itch.   And accumulate.   All while I’m trying to focus on this thing that I’m doing to a conclusion now.   And they’re GOOD ideas, you know?

So I have a list of ideas now, describing the basic seed of the idea and saying what stage they are at (novel: “Discovery draft”; comic/webcomic/graphic novel idea: “sketching out plot/storylines”; a few “idea stage”).   I console myself that when I finish writing the novel, I can start finishing some of those as well.   (Although at this rate, I’ll die with about a hundred ideas and half a dozen actually completed.)

The ideas still itch – I have daydreams or, I don’t know, “visions” or whatever, of scenes that go in these other ideas (or more accurately, that could go in them) and I want to go and do something about that straight away, but now I have the ideas written down I will at least be confident of not having the most awful thing of knowing I had an idea, and not knowing any more what it was.   Sometimes, I think I need other people I can offload the ideas to and send them to write it instead – I can’t draw reliably, so the comic idea is especially so: there’s also the ideas I have for video games, that I have no idea what to do with.

So, yeah.   Stories itch.   They’ve been bothering me especially tonight, not sure why.

(Songs are less itchy, although when I have ideas for riffs and stuff and then can’t figure out the vocal parts to go with them, that bothers me.)


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