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Throwaway works

What I mean by “throwaway” is in the sense of a “throwaway line”, something that just gets tossed out there and left, rather than worked into a proper statement. There are times – many times, in fact – where with … Continue reading

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Spankee’s Gaze: Pandora Blake takes a different view

[NB: This post should definitely be read as a huge plug for Pandora Blake’s work, both in general and the specific work mentioned] Pandora Blake, feminist spanking porn producer and performer, has a new film on her site called Alex’s … Continue reading

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Abandonment, trust and nightmares

Will @ BDSM: Things You Need to Know writes on “Assuaging a Sub’s Fear of Abandonment“. After a preamble defending the putative (I’m in two minds whether this is real, or an effect because for D/s oriented folks, non-D/s relationships … Continue reading

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Even on MRA terms, “false rape” doesn’t add up

At The F-Word Blog, there is a comparison of the Guardian’s vs the BBC/Newsbeat coverage of Keir Starmer QC’s publication of a study by the Crown Prosecution Service on the prevalence of false rape claims. While both stories report “both … Continue reading

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Thoughts and feelings on my experience of subspace

Although I identify as a Dominant, the fact that I am both sadist and masochist and occasionally enjoy playing on the Subbie side as well rather muddies the waters on that. I feel like “switch” as a noun is wrong, … Continue reading

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Talis Kimberley for International Women’s Day

One of my favourite artists in the folk singer-songwriter genre is Talis Kimberley, whose songs range from fresh takes on classical or folk legends, to modern-day protest songs. She’s released a special free/”pay what you think it’s worth” album on … Continue reading

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Misbehaving characters, and creating personality

One of the most awkward things I find with writing my stories is that once I actually start writing them, describing the events and putting the characters in them, then very often the characters start reacting in ways that the … Continue reading

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Just a step away from “unperson”

In yesterday’s Independent newspaper, there was an article that is really chilling. British terror suspects quietly stripped of citizenship… then killed by drones. As near as I can figure, there’s no reason why the practices described there couldn’t apply to … Continue reading

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