The way things turn

The past long weekend, with two bank holidays (Good Friday and Easter Monday), has proved to be a real trial of spirit. Stress has been somewhat greater than normal. I have been called upon to be a rock for my best friend, of over 25 years, to cling to as he goes through what is clearly the most distressing emotional period of his life so far. As much as I am forever willing and supportive of those I love, and will give all I am able and more to help them, there is still an aftermath when I do that.

News, web links and so on bring other reminders that I am different, and that to be different is not welcome in society. Things that strike to my core ways of identifying, or my current means of survival, are once again denounced and threatened.

This is a bad time to seek new challenges.

So naturally, it is this coming weekend that my next chance to do something amazing with my music would arise. Last autumn I signed up for the X Factor auditions. Last week, I got notification – 8 days’ notice! – of the date to attend. Not great, but doable in normal circumstances. Right now, I just could not do myself justice. Consequently, I will not be attending the audition, but will bear in mind for next year the likely arrangements and, well, arrange myself accordingly. In the meantime, practice, practice, practice. And finish my flippin’ novel!

The good news is that I lost 0.6kg in the last month, and as near as I can estimate, 3cm around the waist and 1cm around the hips. Exercising roughly every other day and watching how much I eat got me this far.

Oh, yeah – and also considering speed dating, more of which in a separate post.


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