Proper Job

Not, in this case, the West Country dialect term for “well done” or “great”, but actually talking about employment with a steady wage.

I haven’t got one yet, and it still might not happen, but I have been invited to interview. A few months ago, I thought about the qualities that a company I would most like to work for would have, and then went out to see if I could find that company. One of the closest fits turns out to be based near where I live and, when a vacancy was advertised a couple of weeks ago, I sent in my CV with a kiss-ass covering letter saying why I really wanted to work for them.

Today I receive an email inviting me to interview! This is Very Exciting.

As the title of this blog indicates, I view writing as being my main job. Nevertheless, it doesn’t bring in an income until I have a product to sell, and I won’t have that until I have finished my story, redrafted it, had it checked for inconsistencies and (heaven forfend) spelling and grammar mistakes, tweaked anything that needs fixing, and finally polished it off to a fine sparkle. In the meantime, I am officially Unemployed and a Jobseeker. That means looking for a Proper Job.

This particular Proper Job looks like something I would be good at, with a company that I would value working for, which is as close to “dream job” as I will get until I finish the process described in the previous paragraph. It is a job I want to do, and around which I will probably be able to fit my novel writing. It is a job that will help to fund such work.

So, whatever my job title may be if I get the job, I will remain “Valery North, Writer” in my heart.


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