My novel has a soundtrack

As I get towards the dramatic crux of my novel, albeit still in first draft form, I find various thoughts bothering or distracting me, some of which I intend to discuss in future posts: the sense of reluctance to put my happy couple through the torment that is necessary for a worthwhile plot, for example. The sense of looking back at various things that I knew even as I wrote onwards that I would want to change (and often not remembering what they were – rereading it to do the second draft should be interesting). And so on.

Another thing that I have been doing is putting together a playlist on iTunes made up of songs that have either inspired me as I went along, or something I wrote brought the song to mind, or (now) as I look back at what I have, and forward to where the plot is inexorably going, and I look through my vast collection, songs or music that seem relevant emotionally or lyrically. It’s not a complete list of songs that helped me, of course, and it’s always possible that I will hear a new song that also seems relevant tomorrow, but for now, it is what it is.

Most of the songs are available on Spotify, those that aren’t I’m not uploading (in part, because one of them is my own composition and I haven’t recorded a good enough version yet to sell/advertise; and in part because if the owners haven’t then I don’t see it as my place to).

Here’s the spotify playlist, headed “My novel’s soundtrack” – I have a working title, but don’t want to share that – when I settle on a title for publication, then I will label things appropriately.

A key song in my mind is Sapho’s Lament by Kirsty McGee, which isn’t on Spotify yet that I can see. It is on Bandcamp, though. McGee is an awesome singer and I am very glad to plug her work (I want to do a cover version of her song “The Wrong Girl”, since a few years back I emailed her for the chords and she sent them to me).

Also missing is “Spank” by Rachel Stamp (chosen for the obvious BDSM association!), and my own song, “Bring Me Back”, which is written from a Submissive’s perspective. Once I have a sellable (i.e. good enough quality to sell) recorded version, no doubt I shall add it.

I don’t know how much I am giving away of the plot and structure of the story by revealing this list, but since the songs are not in any particular order (and definitely not in order of plot relevance) you’d have to be pretty cunning to figure out what the significance is for each one and where in the story it comes.


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