June’s weight loss results

Another month has passed, a new one is beginning, that must mean it is time to weigh myself and get that ole tape measure out.

And the answer is…

A whole kilogram lighter than this time in May.

At first I thought the machine was just playing silly beggars, so I tried it again and got the same result. So there it is. 1,000g less of me than there was.

Disappointingly, neither my waist nor my hips seem to have decreased, according to the tape measure. However, the waist measurement is very unreliable because there’s an awful lot of “squidge factor” and it’s hard to tell if I’m squidging it the same amount, more, or less, each month (especially as the overall amount available to squidge keeps changing!). In the mirror, however, it just looks like there is less there, and how comfortable it is to do up my belt at different holes is also a good indicator. On that basis, I’m going to assume that the fat is just being burned off from some other part of my body.


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