We just can’t get rid of her!

Well, it seems that reports of kitten’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Quite where she has been, or what she has been doing, in the time between her disappearance and her reappearance (just in time for dinner, naturally) is a complete mystery. Her collar is missing in action, but we don’t know if that was someone’s deliberate action or a result of the quick-release safety mechanism if she got caught on something. All we know is that is still alive, not a zombie or a ghost (as far as we can tell – she was eating proper food, so not a ghost, and it wasn’t brains, so not a zombie, we think!)

Just when we had got used to the idea of her being gone, no longer a part of our lives, she returns. I think she does it just to be a nuisance, but hey ho.

Of course, very happy to have her back (everything above is tongue-in-cheek, I hope that was obvious).


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