Highlight of my birthday celebration today

So this week I turn 35.

Today was an outing with Papa and Mama to the steam trains, where we met my brother, his wife and their 3 year old boy. When I was his age, I had the same fascination with steam trains as he does now, so in many ways the break was like reliving my own childhood birthday parties!

However, the highlight of the whole day (and sharing it is the whole point of this post) was when Mama, Papa and Yours Truly first boarded the train. As we passed down the central aisle to take our seats, I (bringing up the rear) overheard a little girl exclaim, “Oh My God.” (her father interjects, quietly but sharply: “Don’t say that!”) “Hats!” said as if this is ample explanation and entirely excuses her exclamation. It is true that Mama, Papa and I were all wearing hats to keep the sun off our necks or foreheads, but they weren’t particularly unusual or flamboyant hats – not, for example, an Ascot Hat type of affair.

So now the family lingo has acquired a new term “Oh My God” now means “headwear”.


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