Aaaand we’re back. For now.

Well, that was exciting. Shortly after I posted my last post, the storm I heard in the distance moved closer. Then it was directly overhead and then lightning struck close by and blew out the power for several streets around, including my home.

After about 15 minutes the power came back on but in the mean time I went outside to see how far the outage stretched, which was a wonderful and terrifying experience with the lightning still incredibly bright and directly overhead it seemed.

From my window, I can see the edge of the cloud starkly backlit by moonbeams streaming down from behind, like a serene version of the same light that sporadically illuminates the houses opposite with such drama. At times, my LED torch was made irrelevant by it – and again, the light of the torch echoed the hues of the blue-white lightning. Moon, lightning and torch each imitating the other and yet in such contrast of scale and mood.

If I saw it in a movie, I would feel it was slightly overdone in tracing the connections, but tonight it felt like perfection.

I could write page after page of symbolism from this, but for now: my computer still works, I am still alive, and hopefully these conditions will persist – weather permitting!


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