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I suppose it was “bound” (nudgenudge, winkwink) to happen

So yesterday, I notice on the news stands that the local press, the Cambridge News, has a big splash headline on the front page: Fifty shades of Earl Grey? Bondage club offers kinky workshops [snip] in Village Hall (tea, coffee … Continue reading

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That doesn’t sound like something I would write

It has occurred to me that I am not writing my novel. Which is to say, that the novel I am writing is not one that I recognise as “mine”. That’s still open to misinterpretation. The novel I am writing … Continue reading

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On the infinite replaceability of men

This is another post looking at the issues I have with the PUA industry. This time I want to focus on an issue that for me stands on the premise, “what if their advertising bumf is accurate?” The following complaint … Continue reading

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Movement catches my eye: choosing whom to approach

In my first field report, I mused about how difficult I found it to follow Hayley Quinn’s advice to approach and “say simply whatever that initial specific spark of attraction was that made them choose this woman”. I talked about … Continue reading

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Second drafting is more fun?

I’m into my second draft now and I have been surprised to find that I enjoy writing it more than I did writing the first draft – essentially, laying out the story and telling it is not as much fun … Continue reading

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Weight loss so far

In checking back to see what format (if any) I had been using for the titles for these posts, I realised that I’ve missed a couple. So this is three months’ worth of ups and downs. The measurements I take … Continue reading

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