Weight loss so far

In checking back to see what format (if any) I had been using for the titles for these posts, I realised that I’ve missed a couple. So this is three months’ worth of ups and downs. The measurements I take are: weight, waist and buttocks (hips, if you prefer).

From June to July, all three figures held more or less steady.

From July to August, the tape measure didn’t change but the scales showed I added weight.

I was dreading this month’s weigh-in, because frankly, I have had a few mishaps that kept me from exercising as often or as regularly as I would like. I tried to make up for it by doing more on the days when it was possible. This seems to have had some odd effects, probably due to the fact that it is a lot easier to slot in a set of reps with the dumbbell between whatever, than it is to slot in an extra session of air guitar kung fu aerobics.

The change from August weigh-in to September, is:

Weight: +1.5kg (approx. 3lb)
Waist: -3cm (over an inch)
Buttocks: -2cm (approx. 1 inch)

From March to April (which is when I started taking records) I saw a similar waist reduction, but buttocks have never changed by more than 1cm either way so this reduction in bum size is quite startling in itself. Coupled with the big increase in weight (which basically just wiped out the entire progress since March!) it is even more so. I think, looking in the mirror, that the change in size is visible; the weight must be going somewhere or doing something. I have heard that muscle is denser than fat, and that advice is often given to people starting weight loss exercise that a plateau in weight should be understood as gain in muscle mass and reduction in fat, especially if the waistline is getting smaller. If that’s what’s going on, then that’s good, I suppose.

Alternatively, maybe my scales were wonky. So, before composing this post, I went back and tried again.

The result this time: weight shows no change from 01/08/13

So maybe it was the scales, or maybe I exhaled and urinated that extra 1.5kg during the day, plus some to offset what I’ve eaten so far! Either way, for the sake of consistency, my records have to take the first measurement. I weigh myself in the morning after exercising, pooping and showering. That gives a relatively constant set of conditions for the measurements, making them comparable from one month to the next. This evening’s measurement doesn’t fit those conditions so I can’t use it. On the bright side, if the scales were wonky, then next month I should show a massive improvement!

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