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Write the book you’re aching to read

So Chris Brecheen @ Writing About Writing (And Occasionally Some Writing) answers reader questions, and last Friday his answer was about choosing a genre to write in. Totally awesome piece, and quite a boost because it basically hits all the … Continue reading

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Who wouldn’t want to be a penetration analyst?

Thursday quickie today. In between writing/re-drafting/editing my novel, I am also looking for a day job that might have a higher probability of paying the bills (for all writing has an extremely low probability of providing a living wage, it’s … Continue reading

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Gainsborough Trinity footballer Liam Davis comes out as gay

Today’s post is just a quick shout-out/big-up for Liam Davis, semi-pro footballer for Gainsborough Trinity. Yesterday’s Non-League Paper (you need a subscription to see the story online, it seems), reporting on the grassroots and semi-pro football around the UK, ran … Continue reading

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How would the antagonist tell your story?

I’ve been thinking about antagonists, motivations and character arcs lately. Partly because I’ve got to that chapter in James Scott Bell’s “Plot & Structure” book, but also in general because for the murder mystery or action-adventure stories that are brewing … Continue reading

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Writers and conscious incompetence

[Well, turns out Thursday’s post is going out on Thursday. Who’d’ve thought?] Last post about conscious incompetence for a while. Promise! So far in discussing the emotional journey of learning a skill (with reference to dating advice) I have mentioned … Continue reading

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How can socially inexperienced folks get around “conscious incompetence”?

[NB this is meant to be Monday’s post, I have just been really bad at organising my thoughts and my time this week. Expect Thursday’s post on Friday or Saturday. As usual!] Last week, I wrote about why we should … Continue reading

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Men can fight Patriarchy without calling themselves feminist

Emer O’Toole @ The Guardian newspaper writes about men and feminism with the message that being “pro-feminist” is good enough, you don’t need (and shouldn’t claim) the label “feminist” unless you are all about women’s issues specifically. Specifically, she complains … Continue reading

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Mollena on needing a cheerleader

Mollena @ The Perverted Negress writes about how it feels to have her new Domly partner be proud of her achievements. The whole piece is brilliant, and interesting to me because coming at it from a Dom perspective, nevertheless, there’s … Continue reading

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How to keep learning, or why you should forget “Conscious Incompetence”

One thing that comes up in various forms of dating advice, including but not limited to, PUA, is the concept of “you have to get worse before you get better”. This is often expressed in terms of a cycle of … Continue reading

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New Year’s lack of resolutions

It occurs to me that I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions this year. Usually I try to make resolutions that are at least moderately: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound (I don’t really like SMART as a must-have, not … Continue reading

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