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The rationale of taxi drivers, and other mistakes about bias

I am fed up with hearing how irrational taxi drivers are. That probably needs a little bit of explanation. Psychologists and economists talk about a curious phenomenon whereby taxi drivers seem not to maximise income. On sunny days, few people … Continue reading

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A difference between fantasy and erotic short story

When I want to feel turned on, whether that’s masturbating or just the brain-buzz from sensual/sexual arousal, I can, of course, use visual porn or read something written by someone else. But often, I simply delve into my own imagination … Continue reading

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Short Story: Tucked Away

This scene grew out of an observation that one reason I dislike most F/M porn is that although I love to fantasise about anal, “pegging”, strap-ons and the like, very often I find that the male genitalia when viewed from … Continue reading

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On sport: detached genitalia and other gendered concerns

The F-Word Blog’s weekly round-up references The Nation magazine’s article about women ski jumpers: Women Break an Olympic Barrier, Keep Reproductive Organs Intact. It shows how lacking I am in information that I was not aware that this was a … Continue reading

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Targeted t-shirts!

Last year, I wrote about t-shirts as a figurative concept in personal development. The things you wish others could just tell by looking, but normally can’t. As a result, I have to give a quick nod to Heather @ Kinkopedia, … Continue reading

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“Reasons to”, or “Reasons not to”. Choose one.

I have realised that in my internet dating quest, I have been doing something rather silly. Like many people, I have a list of requirements. As many dating advice bloggers suggest, I have pared this down as far as possible … Continue reading

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Twitter Wars, feminism and belonging

Reactions to Michelle Goldberg’s piece in The Nation diuscussing Feminism’s Toxic Twitter Wars seem to fall into two camps. The majority are criticising Goldberg for telling feminists who aren’t White and middle-class to keep quiet, because the White, middle-class feminists … Continue reading

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Self-care for the brain

Still not back to 100% yet, so this is another “filler” post (funny how these are coming moreorless on the regular schedule though, huh? No, wait, not “funny”. “Entirely intentional and disciplined”). Yep, the plan is to keep engaged here … Continue reading

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Blindspots and sparkling lines of colour

Not, in this case, describing a creative moment of brilliance or overcoming a plot hole. It’s what happened to my vision earlier this evening. I literally saw a blurred (and sparkly) blindspot just right of centre, and a long arc … Continue reading

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Bad case of [bleep]ing you?

Her body spasmed. Sticky, slimy goo oozed from her sore orifice. Sweat soaked her brow and her hair hung in bedraggled strands. “Please, make it stop,” she begged, her words barely intelligible as she gasped for breath. Her Dom looked … Continue reading

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