Self-care for the brain

Still not back to 100% yet, so this is another “filler” post (funny how these are coming moreorless on the regular schedule though, huh? No, wait, not “funny”. “Entirely intentional and disciplined”).

Yep, the plan is to keep engaged here even while I am disengaged and poorly.

Which kind of leads onto the theme of today’s “filler”. Of course, a bad cold is a physical, physiological, virological and other “-ological” type of ailment. But it affects the mood and the mind as well when things are not going well in the body. As noted above, at such times it helps to be able to find focus or at least stay engaged with projects enough not to lose track completely. So healthcare for the mind is good, too.

With that said, via Arrested Surrender’s tumblr, I find a Mental Health Help Masterpost. I find that page easier to read and use, but it originates with Trust Me, I’m A Pirate.

It has cute or cheerful things, calming things (including several examples from, which is such a good resource I’m using the “water stream” noise as I type), things to distract from negative thoughts/overthinking, help lines, and safe spaces.

I personally don’t find everything helpful, but the key is to find what works for you.


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