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Ranting about “big data”

I’m way behind on my blog writing, and this turned into quite a rant with not much structure. But it’s all I’ve got, and having missed Thursday’s post entirely, and failed to do any reviews like I promised, I feel … Continue reading

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What is sexual arousal, anyway? Some research and theory

Every so often, I come across yet another documentary or opinion piece or scientific paper reporting the findings that, “Women are much less aware of their sexual arousal than men”, based on the finding that the self-reported mental state of … Continue reading

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Apology tokens, punishments, and forgiveness

[In which, I also give you the first ever excerpt from the current draft of my novel!] Girl On The Net writes this week On Fights, And Apology Tokens. In particular, how a system of otherwise valueless exchange tokens helps … Continue reading

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Review: Biker Girl from Dreams of Spanking

[Not sure how regularly I’ll be posting these, hope to do at least one a week in addition to the regular Mon/Thurs posts, but maybe instead of one of them] Biker Girl is written by Pandora Blake and lasts 9 … Continue reading

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If you want them to make stuff, you have to pay for the stuff

I live on a tight budget, and the government seem intent on making it tighter. This means that things and information of use and value to me are sometimes only available through charity shops and the like. The internet, too, … Continue reading

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e[lust] #56

e[lust] #56     Photo courtesy of Understanding Flutterby Welcome to e[lust] – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice … Continue reading

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Am I Stone?

Xan West @ Kink Praxis plans a series of posts discussing what the term “stone” (as in, for example, “stone butch”) means as (part of) a sexual identity. The first post in the series asks, What Is Stone? My purpose … Continue reading

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All fall down, tech splash edition

So yesterday morning, I was doing my exercises and pausing frequently to click onto the next blog or news site to catch up on all the latest. Then I tripped over my plastic water jug, fell onto the printer shelf … Continue reading

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On the distinction of erotica and porn

(NB: Although I mention the Eroticon2014 Storify here, there was no specific piece that got me onto this topic; it’s just a few different things all came together to make it seem worth saying, and that feed turned out to … Continue reading

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There was a time when this was me

Just a short comment today. Via a link from fetlife, I discovered today the comics of “Submissive Guy Comics” on tumblr. One in particular struck a chord: It wasn’t her responsibility, but she really did help him learn to love … Continue reading

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