There was a time when this was me

Just a short comment today.

Via a link from fetlife, I discovered today the comics of “Submissive Guy Comics” on tumblr. One in particular struck a chord:

It wasn’t her responsibility, but she really did help him learn to love his body.

I was never the sub guy, always the Dom (so far), with a female sub partner, but in every other respect the linked drawing, and the caption, is exactly how it happened for me.

So this brief post goes out as a thank you to two women in particular whom I am very proud to have Dommed, and who both helped me to love myself and my body.

(I can’t express how close that picture looks to what we were like)

In other news, I have just about completed the revamp of my wardrobe, with a new smart pair of trousers and some black jeans – which is also about learning to love my body and myself, but in a different way.


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