All fall down, tech splash edition

So yesterday morning, I was doing my exercises and pausing frequently to click onto the next blog or news site to catch up on all the latest.

Then I tripped over my plastic water jug, fell onto the printer shelf of my computer desk, crushed the aforementioned water jug under my now hopelessly off-balance foot and slammed my shoulder against my writing desk.

The shelf is a write-off, and attempts to repair it only made the situation worse, by spraying a dozen ball bearings around the place (two remain unaccounted for). My shoulder made a full recovery. The jug is a goner, and replaced by a shiny new glass one that will now have to find its own shelf because I do NOT want to risk crushing that underfoot, because the injuries incurred in that scenario would be far worse, and the stains would never come out of the carpet.

With one fewer shelf than before, I have prioritised the printer over the flatbed scanner and rearranged my set-up accordingly. The scanner now lives in the cupboard for just in case I want it again, while the printer takes its place on the intact shelf.

What lesson do we learn from this? “Exercise is bad for you.”


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I overthink everything.
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