Review: Biker Girl from Dreams of Spanking

[Not sure how regularly I’ll be posting these, hope to do at least one a week in addition to the regular Mon/Thurs posts, but maybe instead of one of them]

Biker Girl is written by Pandora Blake and lasts 9 minutes. It features Lola Marie as the Biker Girl and Thomas Cameron as Tom.

Synopsis: Tom doesn’t mind picking up Lola – and her bike – in his van after she came off the road at 3am, but then he finds out she’d been drinking. It’s time to teach this tough biker girl a lesson she won’t forget.

* * *

Immediate reaction: Lola is amazing. She projects the whole “Yeah, and?” attitude very well, and when she takes the first few strokes her talking back is magnificent. Reactions like, “JEEEEsus” and “‘Ave a word!” show this is one bottom who takes a beating but is never beaten. If we’re in any doubt, once the punishment is over, Thomas suggests rubbing it better. Her reply? “I’m hardcore, I don’t need to rub nothing.”

It’s such a refreshing change from the plethora of spanking videos where the bottom is portrayed as defeated or humiliated by the experience and extent of the punishment. It’s also a familiar and true-to-life portrayal of the sort of sass that has enlivened my real-life relationships, especially as regards spanking. The fantasy of the beaten sub is all very well, and yes, humiliation play, limit-pushing play and so on, are all good fun. “Biker Girl” isn’t about that. It’s about bottoming as strength.

Thomas plays his part directly into this – not during the beating, or before it, but afterwards: To Lola’s “I’m hardcore”, he laughs, “Yes, you are. Well done!” and reinforces the message a few lines later, “Seriously, lass, you did well.” Here, the story arc is classical spanking/punishment porn: “sin; anger; calm retribution; redemption and respect”. And, as so often, the motive is concern for the bottom – the sin is something that in some way endangers the bottom or jeopardises hir future (as in the staple of school punishment for not taking lessons seriously enough). In “Biker Girl”, the sin is one that (as Tom repeatedly points out) could have ended in severe injury or death. Less common, but always nice to see, is the post-resolution phase in which life shifts back into “normal” mode (here, Thomas offers to make a cup of tea).

I would say that “Biker Girl” is not really one for the fans of lots of marking, arses glowing from the spanking, or watching the buttocks bounce. There’s a place for those things in my kink, of course, but “Biker Girl” is targeted at the emotion-fetish crowd – by which, I mean the people who watch BDSM porn to be turned on by how the bottom reacts and engages with the spanking. Lola Marie shows herself with this performance to be yet another in the stable of regular performers for Dreams of Spanking who is a natural at this kind of portrayal.

The “Behind the Scenes” video is mostly showing how the performers and camera work were arranged. However, two moments of discussing the technicalities of the leather belt beating – one halfway through, where they go from jeans up to bare bottom, and then at the end Pandora and Lola compare notes on how a belt compares with other types of implement.

I’m not going to put numbers on things to rate them, because frankly, I’m very inconsistent when I do that. What I can say is that this video is probably worth the 1-week membership fee on its own, if you’re into the type of porn that goes for the emotional connection over the purely visual. Lola’s performance here isn’t the typical portrayal of a submissive bottom, but for those who like seeing someone “keeping it real” while playing the bottom role, this is going to hit the sweet spot. Highly recommended.


After reviewing “Biker Girl”, I opened up the “Introducing Lola Marie” photoset.

Lola presents some incredibly intense and wonderfully playful facial expressions. She performs the standard glamour model poses with aplomb – a highlight of these are the “knicker-lowering tease” pictures, which with her come directly from that playful spirit in the expressions. My favourite image of the set, however, is #29. It’s part of the standard “demurely covering herself” pose, which in #28 is “glance away from the camera” bashful girl and in #30 is the coquettishly shy tease – both standards. In #29, however, she is neither shy, nor coquettish: here, she meets the camera’s gaze full-on with a proud posture and a Mona Lisa smile. “This is me. And?” she seems to be saying. It’s a glamour model image that shows a powerful and self-realised woman rather than someone who defines herself by another’s gaze. Here, she gazes back. Yes, the image is produced for the viewer’s consumption, and therefore is defined by another, but the message I received is that the person isn’t.


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