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Holiday debrief

A week ago, I set off into the wild North in search of adventure and fame. Well, I squeezed into my parents’ car as we all went off to a camping holiday in north Yorkshire. It’s moreorless the same thing, … Continue reading

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Kink’s transgressions: breaking the rules

So last night, I wrote about why my kink is not about transgression, taking Yingtai’s side rather than Remittance Girl’s “it’s all to do with transgression, or pretending to transgress” argument that kink is inherently perversion and unethical or wrong … Continue reading

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Neither bad nor pretending to be: kinky ≠ perverted

Yingtai responds to Remittance Girl’s assertion that, “Real perverts believe with deep sincerity in the rules they break. They have faith that what they are doing is wrong.” with the answer that, “Real Doesn’t Have to Be Toxic“. Now, I … Continue reading

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Yes, actually. All men.

Content note: this contains as much as I have the spoons to discuss regarding the Elliot Rodger case. So gendered violence, mainly. There’s a lot of discussion about the derailing effects of men responding to statements about misogyny by retorting … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on folk dances and gender

I’m still processing the events of my long weekend away from the world (and then the impact of discovering what horrendous stuff had been happening while I was not online or reading any news). I had some thoughts after spending … Continue reading

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Updates, because brain weird

So, I voted Green in the elections today. Long weekend coming up. Months ago, I agreed to go on a folk camping holiday with extended family. This seemed like a good way to be involved with a musical scene that … Continue reading

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European decision time!

Election day rapidly approaches for the European elections. There’s a district council seat open as well where I am, but I’m guessing that won’t be quite as relevant to most of my readers, even the ones who actually live in … Continue reading

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Musings on where kink comes from

The Domming while Damaged post really goes as far as I’m willing to go in investigating publicly my “kinky origin story”. I prefer to cling to the “innate” or “natural” Dom story because it’s better for self-care than the alternative. … Continue reading

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Very Short Stories: Dan

Being Blacksilk created a meme called Very Short Stories, based on a fun little post-it note booklet she found. The form seems to be that you should take a photo to prove the story fitted onto a single page of … Continue reading

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Domming while Damaged: it’s not reliving the past

Xiao Yingtai @ University of Abject Submission has written over the past few weeks a series about what the “abject” part of “abject submission” means to her and in her kink. The conclusion is positive overall, but (as with a … Continue reading

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