Very Short Stories: Dan

Being Blacksilk created a meme called Very Short Stories, based on a fun little post-it note booklet she found. The form seems to be that you should take a photo to prove the story fitted onto a single page of your shopping list notepad/post-it note. The original post specified a one-word prompt, but Being Blacksilk did one called “If We Hadn’t Had Sex”, which is 5 words, so that rule is obviously flexible! The custom seems to be to include the word count as well.

After reading hers, and several others she’s linked by other people, I decided to have a go, and here, dear Reader, is my first idea:

If it wasn't the PA, then where was the PA when it was happening?

Handwritten “Dan”.

“I’m tied up at work-” the voicemail cut off. Amy shrugged. So Dan’s PA couldn’t wait to get his pants off. Or maybe, it was a call for help. Maybe thugs robbed the place, demanded the safe combinations, cut off the call. But she knew it wasn’t the PA, wasn’t thugs. She licked her lips, savouring his taste. A night on his own would prove whose man he really was.

I took my prompt from having been listening to Blur recently, specifically the song “Dan Abnormal”. Although my Dan isn’t, he’s in an abnormal situation. My word count is exactly 70 words.


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