I wish for something fluffy

I just can’t seem to get words into an intelligible order right now for anything to post. I keep wanting to write about the TERF wars going on on twitter, with the vile transphobic utterances on #NoUnexpectedPenises (I’m on the fourth round of write a piece, delete it, start again on trying to get my head around that) and the TERFs’ abusive behaviour towards Sarah Brown. The Canadian war on sex workers – the more I hear about “Bill C36” the more insidious and unhinged it seems. (I can’t even find a place to start on those topics.) Even the links to discussions of attraction and familiarity (two sources linked the same study, a third approached the same topic from a different angle) just feels like a heavy, engaged topic and I just can’t find it in me to get my thoughts sorted out.

I can’t think of a nice, easy, fluffy (or sexy) topic to write about to flush the negativity from my brain and reset to get this stuff sorted out.

So, that’s why I’ve been falling short of blogging targets this week.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll finally get back to doing those Dreams of Spanking reviews. That might do the trick.


About ValeryNorth

I overthink everything.
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