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Doing it for free

So I’ve written about deciding to sell adult IM roleplay/cybersex sessions, and how that’s gone so far. I have, in the process, rediscovered my love of online textual cybersex in general. I knew I had a talent for it from … Continue reading

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Arrogance, thy name is Dawkins

Content Note: rape, child abuse, Dawkins. * * * Richard Dawkins has seemingly set himself up to be the face of misogynistic, racist bigotry – or “rational, logical thought”, in his terms. It’s not usually worth my while getting involved … Continue reading

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Short Story: “Please … Obey Me” (V.3)

Content note: some kinkphobic attitudes early on. The first two stories from the prompt “Please … Obey Me” (Version 1 and Version 2) involved dynamics with an established power exchange or kink in place, in which in one way or … Continue reading

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One Week On

So last weekend, I discovered and decided that some of the services advertised there were such that I was able to sell a similar service. I changed my profile from “Seeking Services” to “Offering Services”, built a new profile … Continue reading

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Short Story: Please … Obey Me (V.2)

Wanted to try a rather different dynamic from Version 1 with this. (Version 3 here) The rationale expressed by Bay in this story is not necessarily one that I believe to be common in BDSM or M/s relationships, but it … Continue reading

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Short Story: Please … Obey Me (V.1)

Version 2 Version 3 Content Note: rough sex. This is inspired by a prompt/tweet from Yingtai of University of Abject Submission, that really set my imagination racing: Sometimes the D/s soundtrack in my head gets muddled and someone says, "Please … Continue reading

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Can I be an online sexworker?

[EDIT TO ADD 19.07.2014] I did it! I’m offering IM-only so far, but as I get used to the idea I’m planning to nudge towards cam work (face-to-face rather than performing to start with, although who knows how confident I … Continue reading

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Look into my eyes

I’ve talked recently about my tomboy-ish inner self-image, and about disliking my body hair. I haven’t mentioned my favourite feature: my eyes. It’s a little frustrating that generally I need glasses (although I quite often forget them, and my prescription … Continue reading

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The Inner Vannie (Valerie Northe)

More-or-less by coincidence, this post is going out on International Non-Binary Genders Day, which seems quite appropriate given the content. In my piece discussing the effects of narratives of fear, privilege and lack of it, I described my inner image … Continue reading

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Shearing shortcomings

This is just a quick follow-up to yesterday’s post. All the things that are annoying or awkward about shaving my body! Time I mentioned I set aside an afternoon for the job. That’s because it takes two or three hours … Continue reading

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