Short Story: “Please … Obey Me” (V.3)

Content note: some kinkphobic attitudes early on.

The first two stories from the prompt “Please … Obey Me” (Version 1 and Version 2) involved dynamics with an established power exchange or kink in place, in which in one way or another the request “please obey me” subverted the established order. This one uses the prompt with a vanilla couple, in the same way. I hope it still manages to be insanely hot for you, Dear Reader…

[BTW, I really like the concept of a “Dirty Secrets night” as a real-life relationship tool, as long as the partners can keep their promises!]

(version 3, Part 2)

– – –

“Please … Obey Me” (V.3)

It was Jade’s turn to stack the dishwasher. He and Ochre took turns at the chores, so tomorrow he would cook and she would clean. He lifted the dishwasher door, turned, and pushed it closed with his soft, round arse. Ochre put her arms around him and kissed his cheek. Jade blushed. Ochre always knew how he felt, was ready with the right gesture. He kissed her in return and inhaled her fresh, natural scent.

“Do you have any ideas for Date Night?” Ochre asked her lover.

Jade sighed, “I don’t feel like going out. How do you feel about having a ‘Dirty Secret’ night?”

Ochre bit her cheek and smiled, “Whose turn is it?”

Jade smiled wider, “Yours.” Ochre kissed the tip of his nose.

“Okay. Promise you won’t be shocked?”

“I promise I will love you, no matter what you share.”

The words formed a ritual for the pair whenever they played this game. Jade suggested it when they’d been dating for a few weeks and had made love often enough to feel sure of each other. Every so often, to keep things interesting, one would let the other share some sexual fantasy or act that they wanted to try, or had done before and hadn’t done in this relationship. Whatever it was, whether they agreed to try it or not, there would be no shame.

Ochre stepped back, Jade stepped with her in perfect sync. Ochre released him, and turned. Jade put his hands on her hips. Last time he had asked to kiss her buttocks all over, she giggled all the way through because it tickled, but she had said yes. His smile broadened as he watched their shapely curves now. Ochre unbuttoned her blouse and wiggled her hips to tease him. Jade’s smile grew.

Ochre deposited her blouse on the coffee table and faced Jade across the settee. Jade put up his arms and let her unbutton his shirt. Her fingers felt like jolts of electricity when she unbuttoned his cuffs. Their eyes met in fleeting glances between her twists of the buttons, and sparkled like waterfalls in the sun. Jade shrugged the shirt from his shoulders and dropped it next to Ochre’s top. He unzipped the front of Ochre’s trousers and eased his hands into the waist. He stroked her skin with his fingertips as he pushed them down her legs. Ochre giggled and sighed. Then she did the same for him, eyeing his sex and the clear evidence of arousal.

“I think you’re going to say yes,” she smirked.

Naked in front of each other, they joined hands.

“Here goes,” Ochre said. Her face grew stiff and she stared into Jade’s eyes. He felt different from the other times they played this game.

Ochre gulped, and said, “Hurt me.”


“Smack me. Hit me. Bite me. Scratch me. Pinch me. Anything. I want you to hurt me.”


Ochre held up a finger, “Remember your promise.” He paused. Whatever they said, no shame, no shock. Ochre continued, “You can say no, of course. But, please … obey me?”

Jade stared at her. They had been so careful to construct their relationship to be equal, and free from power or violence. And yet, he thought of her bottom, how it felt under his hands, his lips, any part of him she let touch it.

“It, feels wrong, to me,” he stammered, trying to shake the images from his head. Trying not to judge, guilty about both.

“It’s my dirty secret, so I’m in charge. Please. Obey me. It’s okay.”

“But I would never…”

“And I would never let you. Except when I’m in charge. And tonight, I am.” Ochre ran her fingers down his belly. “You’re still turned on, so I know you must be thinking about it,” she smiled.

Jade hung his head and nodded.

“Please obey me. Make me suffer for putting you through this,” Ochre smirked.

“Anything I want? That’s what you said?” Jade whispered.

“Just hurt me. That’s all I ask.”

“How will I know when to stop?”

“No still means no, honey.” Her fingers brushed his chest, his nipple, and she licked her lips.

Jade’s breath shuddered as he inhaled. He looked into his partner’s pleading eyes, looked at her hips, and took her hands in his.

“Then I say yes to your secret, darling. Bend over the sofa?”

Ochre raised her eyebrow.

Jade nodded, “Please. Obey me.”

* * *

Jade’s hand flapped against Ochre’s bum like a limp pennant in the breeze. She didn’t say anything, but he knew it wasn’t what she wanted. It wasn’t what he wanted. He swallowed hard and focussed on the smooth, dark orbs he loved so much. He pictured them responding to his touch. To his strength. His chest clenched and he licked his lips. He steeled himself and took a stance.

Ochre yelped. Flesh danced. Jade’s hand stung. His sex twitched when he saw the effect. He hid his face. Ochre did nothing. Jade stepped towards her and saw her lips form the word, “More.” So he smacked her again. Ochre gave a little yelp, and the buttock rippled. Jade’s heart and groin leapt but a chill spread across his lungs. With wide eyes, he smacked the other buttock.

“Ow!” said Ochre.

Jade decided “Ow” did not mean “no”. He felt more wrong than ever in his life, to be enjoying this. But he was, in that moment, enthralled. He did not have power, power had him under its spell. He wondered what else he could do. He thought back to Ochre’s command and remembered placing his lips to her behind before. He knelt between her ankles and put his face to her rear. He tasted a bead of her sweat, then bared his teeth. He sucked her meat between his lips, inched his jaw closed, felt the resistance as the incisors started to dig.

Ochre moaned.

Jade kept increasing his pressure and the moan turned to a wail. He let go, knelt back. He blinked to see the perfect oval of whitened indentations he had left. His gaze flitted from one buttock to the other. He licked his lips and smiled. The second bite mirrored the first. He heard Ochre pant and the crunch of her hands in the cushion covers. He put his mouth to her a third time.


Jade stopped.

“Hurt me a different way,” Ochre said. Jade nodded, though she couldn’t see him. Her head was still buried in the upholstery.

What else had Ochre suggested? Jade found her fleshy thighs with thumb and forefinger, gathered his long red nails and squeezed. Ochre squealed and kicked. Jade backed away, but Ochre gasped, “Again! Again!” He waited until she settled down. He put his fingertips to her skin again. Pushed, and moved them together. Caught her skin. Ochre keened through gritted teeth. Jade held on, until he had to relax. The air rushed from Ochre’s body.

“Fuck me now!” she gasped.

Jade was shocked. They made love. Like equals.

“Come here!” Ochre pounded the settee. Jade knelt by her head. She gripped his neck in her elbow and kissed him hard.

“Fuck me till it hurts,” she hissed, “Please. Obey me.” She released him.

“Like, like this?” He gestured at her prone form.

“Fuck me from behind, no mercy.” Ochre spread her legs and slapped her own behind.

A quivering moan emerged from Jade’s depths. He took his cock in his hand and stood behind Ochre’s arse. He put his hands either side of her crack, spread the buttocks wide, squeezed them, every sexual sinew singing soprano. Ochre’s back rose and fell to make room for her chest.

Jade put his cock between his hands, pushed against her sex, felt himself slide in. He eased his hips forward. Pushed to the hilt. Felt Ochre tense, and her cunt clench around the shaft.

“Make it hurt,” she reminded him.

* * *

“Hold me please.” They sat side by side. Ochre put Jade’s head on her shoulder and cuddled him.

“I didn’t like hurting you.”

“Yes, you did.”

“I don’t like that I did.”

“I do.”


“Because it’s you doing it, and you love me.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I don’t need you to. Can you do it again, if I feel like it?”

“Is that likely?”

“Just occasionally.”


“Do you still feel guilty?”

“A little.”

“Don’t. Besides, it’s your turn to take it next time.” Ochre kissed his cheek.

“I don’t know…”

She whispered in his ear, “Please. Obey me.”


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