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On stories for children and believing theirs

I doubted whether I had anything valuable to add on the Rotherham child abuse case. Three posts @ Sometimes It’s Just A Cigar (here, here, and here) seem to me to be the very best commentary (at least, that I’ve … Continue reading

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What I wish people would understand about my introversion

Well, there’s a lot of things that could fall into my category, but the one that really bothers me the most is the one where people assume that it’s a choice to sit in a quieter corner of the room. … Continue reading

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Be the best from the beginning: liking their all

Girl on the Net wrote at the weekend that the best partner is one who loves the “bad” bits of you. While there are some statements in that article that give me some significant quibbles, I’m not interested in digging … Continue reading

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Thoughts on developing a cis heuristic

Title mostly because I like the word “heuristic”, but also because it’s relevant. Jemima, of Sometimes It’s Just A Cigar, tweeted with the comment “thought provoking post” the link to an article by London Feminist called What is cis – … Continue reading

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Check out this month’s e[lust]!

Photo courtesy of Maria opens up Welcome to Elust #61 – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky … Continue reading

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Watching Sexy Beasts

I’ve mentioned before my interest in television dating shows. The BBC has a new format and I’ve been watching the first couple of episodes to get an idea of how it works. The title is “Sexy Beasts” and the gimmick … Continue reading

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Trusting, topping, sharing

Content Note: as per trigger warning mentioned in opening paragraph The University of Abject Submission blog has a guest post by Dr. Slut called Top Trust (which comes with a trigger warning by Yingtai for “Rape role-play, pushing boundaries, hardcore … Continue reading

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Just to emphasise: genderfluid

Is the person who looks like this: And this: The same gender as the person who looks like this: Of course, all three are me, all three taken this summer. The top two are essentially to do with wanting to … Continue reading

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Short Story: Please … Obey Me V3.2

So after I finished Version 3 of the “Please … Obey Me” prompt with “Next time, it’s your turn”, I felt I wanted to write what happens “next time”. And what impact it has on their liberal equality-based relationship. Having … Continue reading

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