Short Story: Please … Obey Me V3.2

So after I finished Version 3 of the “Please … Obey Me” prompt with “Next time, it’s your turn”, I felt I wanted to write what happens “next time”. And what impact it has on their liberal equality-based relationship. Having read, and to some extent experienced, the conflict between the principle of equality and the trangressive subversion of power in kink, I wanted to take Jade and Ochre to the point of choosing… well, you’ll see.

Please … Obey Me 3.2

Jade loosened his tie and signed out of the office. A week ago, he had assaulted his lover, albeit at her insistence, and entirely for her pleasure. Another Date Night had arrived. He had checked the cinema timetable and there was a movie he planned to suggest, but he remembered Ochre’s remark to him at the end of the Dirty Secret evening.

He drove home, only half his mind on the road. The other half was on what he had done to her, and wondering if she really meant to do the same back to him. He was scared of feeling the pain, but the thoughts stirred tight sensations between his thighs and beneath his belly. It wasn’t the acts that aroused him, but the position. He remembered how she had been spread under him, like sex but not, their bodies hot and close to one another, her body responding to his. Now he pictured himself in her position, their roles reversed.

He pulled over for a moment to mop his brow and focus. “She’s probably forgotten,” he muttered.

* * *

“Have you forgotten?” Ochre raised her eyebrow.

Jade shook his head.

“Do you want me to do it?”

Jade stood and stared out the lounge window. He thought about the fear. He thought about the guilt. He thought about his arousal on the way home. He thought about Ochre’s naked body. She was fresh from the shower, wrapped in a dressing gown and nothing else, but in his mind’s eye even that was absent. He bit his lip.

Ochre studied his face, and said, “I only want to do it if you’re happy. I don’t want you to do it just for me.”

“Will you be gentle?”

“Gentler than you, you mean? No still means no, so you can make me be as gentle as you want.” Ochre crossed her wrists in front of her stomach, “Even if that means I don’t hurt you at all.”

“I want, I think, to let you. But I don’t want to be hurt.”

“Okay. We can do something else.”

“No, I mean, I want you to hurt me. But I don’t want to be hurt.”

Ochre’s arms dropped limply to her sides.

Jade beckoned her to him. He stood toe-to-toe with her and said, “Kiss me.”

She blinked, gazed into his eyes, and did.

“You can do whatever you want, as long as no means no, right?” he murmured, “Last week, you told me to obey you, so now I am. That’s how much I love you.”

Ochre hugged him and pressed her head to his breast. “Very well, then. If you’re sure. I’m going to hurt you tonight.”

Jade nodded, “I know.”

Ochre teased his tie loose and eased it over his ears. She draped it over the back of the settee. Jade lifted his chin and pushed his shoulders back to spread his chest and present his shirt buttons. Ochre mimed tearing it open. Jade flinched. Ochre kissed the tip of his nose and fiddled with the collar button. Jade helped her with it, and Ochre moved on to the rest of the buttons the backs of her wrists brushed Jade’s nipples through the cotton. He tightened and straightened. She pushed the fabric open and kissed them.

She moved to his belt while he struggled out of his sleeves. Her hands ran over his hips and butt, slipping the leather loose from the chinos. She put the belt next to the tie, and knelt in front of Jade to undo the trouser button. She pulled them down and cocked an eye at her lover.

“Commando, dear?”

Jade blushed.

“I could stop right here,” Ochre licked her lips and smiled.

Jade smiled back, but shivered, “I don’t want you to hurt me there, please.”

Ochre grinned, and rolled the trousers down Jade’s legs. Jade lifted one foot, then the other, for Ochre to strip him completely bare. She obliged, peeling his socks off and tossing them under the coffee table. She stood, kissing his body on the way up, lingering over his bosom. Their lips met, and she pulled Jade to her. He returned her passion and redoubled it.

When they broke, she asked, “Ready? Cos you look ready…”

Jade gave a vigorous nod. Ochre stood back and opened her dressing gown. She bit her lip and started to pull the sash free of the loops.

She parted her lips and breathed, “I’d like to tie you up.”

Jade was never sure, later, whether he’d said “yes”, but he raised his arms and crossed his wrists in front of him. He licked his lips and stared into Ochre’s eyes while she stroked the silk sash across his arm, looped it under, wrapped it around both wrists. She met his gaze throughout, barely a glance at her work as she looped two more passes, and pushed the end between his arms. She wrapped the sash around itself between his hands and what had been a soft caress tightened to clear restraint. Jade still could not break free of their stare but the compulsion to test the bonds swept over him. The silk seemed to slither over his skin, but his wrists were locked together by Ochre’s knot. Every nerve seemed on edge, every sense alive and present. Ochre wrapped her arm around his shoulder, placed a hand on his chest.

“Okay?” she checked. He nodded.

“Trust me?” she asked.

“Yes, sweetheart,” he whispered. She guided him backwards, he felt the arm of the settee against the backs of his knees. Ochre pushed gently on his chest and he felt himself falling. She caught his weight but the loss of control made him yelp and struggle in his bonds. He landed heavily amidst the cushions. He panted deep and fast.

“Safe?” Ochre asked. Jade blinked. Ochre repeated herself. Jade nodded, “Yes, I’m safe.” He stretched himself out, wriggled his butt and his shoulders to find the most comfortable position, his head resting in the nook between the seat and the arm, his legs dangled over the other arm.

Ochre took his tie and slipped it over his bare feet.

“No!” yelped Jade. Ochre nodded, and placed the tie on the sofa back again. Jade took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry, that was just instinctive. You can do it, if you want.”

“Not if you don’t want me to.”

“I’m scared. But I’m already scared, and I want you to carry on. I trust you, sweetheart.” He nodded. Ochre smiled, and stroked his thigh.

“Thank you.”

He watched her every movement when she took the tie again, looped it around Jade’s ankles, and eased the knot tighter. She glanced up at him, “Tell me when it’s comfortable.” He nodded. He fidgeted his feet, hooking one heel over the other ankle, so the tie had a little more give. Ochre took up the slack. Jade flexed his knees to test his movement. Only a few millimetres remained.

“Stop there, please,” he said. Ochre nodded, and let the ends of the tie droop either side of his feet. She knelt beside his head and kissed him.


“Terrified. But, yes. What now?”

“Now, I hurt you.”

Jade moaned as Ochre stood.

* * *

She circled him, viewing the sofa, and her captive, from every angle. He watched her watching him, twisting his neck to keep her in sight. When at last she patted his cheek, he flinched. She stroked his sides. Jade squirmed where it tickled, his muscles twitching beyond his control, his bound wrists preventing him from stopping her. He twisted his waist, setting the cushions askew and exposing his buttock. Ochre pounced with a slap on the proffered target. Jade yelped a note that made them both wince.

Ochre waited until he settled. She put a finger each in the crooks of Jade’s elbows. Jade stared at the ceiling, and let her pressure push his arms apart and to his side, making his arms bend and twist so his wrists rode up his belly and under his breasts. Ochre nodded, and smiled at him. Jade could feel his arousal stirring in his sex when their eyes met.

He knew she liked his chest. She knelt beside him, both hands on his upper arm, leaning over. He felt her warm breath on his cold skin. She would kiss, caress, or place her head there at every chance. But this was different. Her lips, yes, but now her teeth as well. Jade closed his eyes as Ochre closed her jaw, he felt the bite as a searing ring. His breath caught, a whimper in his throat. Ochre paused, held him between her teeth. Licked the tortured flesh caught in her mouth. The trapped whimper escaped, starved of all volume. Ochre parted her jaw like a tease. She used to broad blade of her tongue to soothe the bruises. Then she sucked Jade’s nipple into her mouth. Jade swallowed. Ochre squeezed with her teeth and Jade held his breath to keep from crying out. Ochre applied a little more pressure.

“No,” Jade whimpered. Ochre said nothing, just lifted her head and licked her fingers before stroking his nipples. He watched her fingers as a mouse might watch a sleeping cat. Ochre dug her nails into Jade’s chest and when he gasped, locked her lips over his and stroked the roof of his mouth with her tongue. He felt his senses drift, the lounge suddenly remote and the universe, with Jade at its centre, alarmingly close.

He didn’t even know he was saying the words until they were out and Jade was whispering her answer: “Fuck me.” “Of course.”

He let her roll him onto his belly, his bound wrists now stretched along the sofa and his butt supported by the arm. He crossed his ankles bound by his own tie, to flex and spread his knees. He heard the swish as she pulled his leather belt from the back of the settee and a soft slap that must have been her folding it in half in her hands. But the sharp, blazing sting of the lash as she brought the belt to smack on his buttocks still surprised him and he cried out. His chest heaved, his fingers clenched an unclenched, and he shook his head, pressing it against his raised shoulders. He braced himself for the second stroke, but it never came. Ochre had already moved on.

Her cock’s hard tip brushed his thigh.

“Yes!” he breathed.

* * *

Jade lay on his back again, his head resting in Ochre’s lap. She stroked his hair and cheeks and he stroked hers, his hands free again of the dressing gown sash. His breath shook as he inhaled and exhaled. The raw ecstasy still lingered, and with it the memory of having been equals.

“We can never go back,” he murmured, “Can we?”

Jade smiled down at him, “Do you want to?”

“I feel like I should want to.”

“And yet you don’t.”


“No, what?”

Jade hesitated to put it into words, to close the door on their ideal and put voice to reality. But she stroked him again and all resistance melted.

“No, Mistress.”


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4 Responses to Short Story: Please … Obey Me V3.2

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  2. spankfunfor says:

    Great continuing story! They can’t put the genie back in the bottle I’m glad they don’t want to!

    • ValeryNorth says:

      Thank you! 🙂

      I don’t think there’s any more on this one, I’ve got them where I wanted them. But it was fun to write, and I hope you’ll enjoy some of my other stories and articles too.

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