Just to emphasise: genderfluid

Is the person who looks like this:

My current favourite, and first ever, dress

Sexy, no?

And this:

Just need someone to tie me into it...

Mmm, tight!

The same gender as the person who looks like this:

But it makes me happy.

She said it was “a good size”!

Of course, all three are me, all three taken this summer. The top two are essentially to do with wanting to look more like I feel myself to be, or at least, more in the middle, or more accessible to “femme” interpretation. They’re trimmed the way they are to avoid the inescapably male facial hair (still obvious despite a good shave) and male hair loss on the top. They are also since I started regularly shaving the bits I can reach, whereas the bottom one is clearly before then.

If this was just about clothing, I would be cis, despite the female clothes (a cis male friend of mine wears skirts regularly, and draws a distinction between them and the kilts he also sometimes wears). But the clothes are, for me, avenues of accessing my internal sense of self and gender, which does not stay in one place but drifts around the gender spectrum/space over time. My ideal body would change genitalia to be appropriate to whatever I was feeling like at the time; absent such magical powers, the corset, and shaving, and so on, are ways of getting my body to be a little bit closer to where it “should” be.


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