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Fabulous Finds For Fetish-y Fun

There are some perks to working in a charity shop, even if it is forced on me and driving me to distraction. I get to raid the rejects pile (books, clothes, etc that didn’t sell). I also get to see … Continue reading

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The Mundane Brutality of Gifts

Charity shops are brutal places. They don’t set out to be, I don’t think. And I am sure from the outside, they seem much less so. After all, it’s about selling second hand stuff cheaply, which helps customers, to get … Continue reading

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Struggles and stories, second-hand

Mandatory Work Activity can seem like a good idea from a certain perspective: give the unemployed person an up-to-date reference, evidence they can work a stable schedule, maybe even useful skills. But for me at least, it is an evil … Continue reading

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“Whip me!” “Nope!”

It’s a question that seems to be debated over and over again in BDSM circles: “Do sadists dislike masochists?” Yingtai, after reading what one of the many excellent books about BDSM had to say on the matter, asked the sadists … Continue reading

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I’m calling this a socialising win

Tuesday night was the Main Munch (or is it still Kinky Drinkies? I think there was a cake with a name change on it but people still use both names and I’m confused). Anyway, regardless of the name, it was … Continue reading

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Dreams of parenthood: why I want to be a mum

I always imagined that I would eventually be a parent, and pass on my genetic heritage to a new generation, bring up a child, teach hir the tales that have passed down in the family history, show hir the photos … Continue reading

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