Fabulous Finds For Fetish-y Fun

There are some perks to working in a charity shop, even if it is forced on me and driving me to distraction. I get to raid the rejects pile (books, clothes, etc that didn’t sell). I also get to see the nice stuff first and buy what I like best. Occasionally, that includes kinky (or kinky-looking) items. Here’s a couple of things that I managed to obtain this time around:

First up, what appears to be a double-ended leash. Was on display as a belt, didn’t sell. It’s mine now and so many potential kink uses for a thing like this…

Linking love?

Linking love?

Most intriguing, though, was a piece of jewellery that essentially was a malleable rather than flexible metal hoop, that can be twisted into all kinds of shapes and just LOOKS like a fantasy slave jewellery/collar/marker of some kind:

Metal collar-style

Metal collar-style

Double twisted

Double twisted

Doubled & twisted to fit a wrist

Doubled & twisted to fit a wrist

Now I just need to find a partner to enjoy them with. That project will have to wait until I have spoons again.


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