What does YOUR orgasm look like?

Something different today: a visual post! With painting! Without the aid of numbers! And, despite the post title, it’s SFW…

Girl on the Net has a competition running to create visual representations of the experience of orgasm. There are many talented artists already in the competition. I am not a talented artist (and whatever I do artistically, music, pictures or words, it never comes out in r/l quite the way it sounded/looked in my mind). Nevertheless, GotN says in the competition rules:

the best thing is you don’t have to be amazing at drawing. I’m about as artistic as a donkey with a paintbrush in its arse, but the main criteria for winning should be that your pic is interesting and evocative. If we look at it and go ‘ooh, that’s a nice way to represent an orgasm’ then whether you can draw or not, you’re in with a chance

The challenge (and prize!) was tempting. After giving it some thought, to come up with a concept that represents how I experience orgasm and a way to put that into actual art, I sat down to produce the following watercolour:

It's NOT my penis. Honest!

My entry into Girl On The Net’s competition

If you turn it upside down, it looks like a mushroom cloud at dusk, which wasn’t really my intention but I think viewing it as “upside-down/backwards/reverse-mushroom-cloud” is actually another really good way of conceiving the big ‘O’. The column of cloud/smoke is the feeling of the whole body, drawing energy from the sky and the sea of cloud and smoke and run through with lightning/electricity.

Disclaimer: Not all my orgasms feel the same, but this is like, the best ones, when someone else is there and inspiring them.


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