Vote for orgasms! (in pictorial form)

I have been struggling to string words together in a presentable way all weekend to construct a proper blog post. Hasn’t worked yet.


The big news to pass on is that Girl On The Net’s “Draw Your Orgasm” competition has closed, and voting has started.

The format is not “pick me! pick me!” but rather, rate all/as many of the pictures as you want to, 0 to 10, and the best overall scores will go through to the final judges’ decision. You use this link here to do that, but it’s best to click through to the main pages first to see the entries in all their glory, and then on from there to the voting.

I posted my entry last week, so you know which one to give 10/10 to (*wink*).

Seriously, there are some awesome entries with a variety of visualisations that to me hint at a wide range of physical and neurological experiences (the one with “on meds/off meds” is particularly revealing in that sense). It looks like being not just a fun competition but quite a valuable social-medical information source. Not rigorous enough to be called “research” or an “experiment” in its own right, I feel, but it would be great if someone academic somewhere took up the baton and set out to explore orgasm in this way.

So, once again, thanks to Girl On The Net for running it. Now, go vote! (for me 😉 )


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