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Hey, look! 2014 in review, Valery North stylee

I found this rather fun and entertaining. Perhaps the most useful stat is that I only posted on a Monday 28 times, which means I’ve missed my target dates for posting nearly half the time. But mostly I’ve done quite … Continue reading

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IDEVASW: another year, the same struggle

Today, 17th December, is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. I have a few moments that I didn’t expect to have spare, and I do not like to let the day go past without at least a short … Continue reading

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Vive la revolution d’Elust 65!

Photo courtesy of SassyCat Welcome to Elust #65 – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll … Continue reading

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In defence of face-sitting protest

(Bumping this call to the top – if you care about the porn laws, then care about International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers too: 17th December) ~ ~ ~ It seems every time there is a new leftie … Continue reading

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Anti-ATVOD songs & civil disobedience

I’ve had some songs going round what I advisedly call my brain recently. There’s a theme to them. Here they are: Yep. They’re songs about defying censorship, and/or enjoying or experiencing pain or non-standard (sexual) pleasures. They are songs that … Continue reading

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4 months and a few quid later

In amongst the furore this week over the ATVOD regulations being changed to match the BBFC guidelines (and thereby potentially putting excellent feminist fetish porn producers out of business), something significant has occurred for me in a related area. Those … Continue reading

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My letter against ATVOD censorship regs

As it turns out, although I have written to my MP, Andrew Lansley, about several matters of censorship and of sex work or sex legislation in general, the particular issue of the ATVOD regulations had slipped through the net. So, … Continue reading

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Damaging censorship: BBFC, ATVOD and the web

I was 16 in 1994, the year the World Wide Web came into being. I had been aware of myself as a sexual being for about two years, and for a similar amount of time had been plagued by worries … Continue reading

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Rejecting gendered smartness

I have always felt that putting on a smart suit felt like a disguise. For a long time, I’ve assumed that this is because I’m basically a slob and the suit just involves pretending not to be. But in the … Continue reading

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