Retrospective: Some highlights of my 2014 blogging

Quick summary of my efforts in 2014 here. Looking back through it, I realise I’ve done some pretty good writing and thinking. Also a fair amount of average or even mediocre stuff, but nothing that currently strikes me as utter shite, so I’m happy.

There follows some of the most-commented-on (discounting pingbacks), a few that received more “likes” than most, and a handful of my personal favourites from the year (the latter divided by subject area):

Most Commented:

Because I really like getting comments (hint hint)

Domming while Damaged: it’s not reliving the past – One of the deeper kink/psychology pieces from the past year.

Can I be an online sexworker? – The answer, it turns out, is a “quite possibly”, but I didn’t know that at the time of writing.

Short Story: Please … Obey Me (V.2) – A slave is commanded to switch with her Mistress

Gender, online roleplay and media – Talking about how social roles impact on writing styles in online chatrooms

REVIEW: The Never List, by Koethi Zan – A novel with some kink reference and some slight crossover with my own psychology, hence writing a review

Most Liked

Some of the posts that received most “likes” in 2014:

How much harm do you have to survive to be a survivor? – On the unfortunate tendency to create a hierarchy of survivor stories – A sequel/conclusion to another story written for the prompt “Please… Obey Me” in which an egalitarian couple discover they like power exchange after all

“Whip me!” “Nope!” – Discussing the canard that “a masochist is a sadist’s worst enemy”.

My Favourites

These are the posts I looked at again and thought, “I wish more people would see them”.

Gender Politics:

Twitter Wars, feminism and belonging – Thoughts on what “toxic” might really mean in Twitter discussions – How do you know if you’re cissexual?

What is sexual arousal, anyway? Some research and theory – I went looking for academic research to explain why genital response is not the true measure of sexual arousal.

Other Politics and Social Issues hand-me-downs and benefits – In which I discuss where poor people get nice things, and it’s NOT from a generous government.

On stories for children and believing theirs – My contribution to discussion of the Rotherham child abuse scandal, talking about how not being heard is a common experience of childhood.

The rationale of taxi drivers, and other mistakes about bias – Discussing the frustrating assumptions of social scientists

Tonight, I’m a Rock’n’Roll Disco 2000 – Apprently, it was the 20th anniversary of britpop. I had some reminiscences of music and 1990s politics.

Sex, Relationships and Kink – In which I discuss how flirty touching means something different to me and my body

On the distinction of erotica and porn – Or rather, why I dislike it when people pretend there is a difference!

Neither bad nor pretending to be: kinky ≠ perverted – Does what it says in the title!

What does YOUR orgasm look like? – Girl On The Net’s art competition, this was my entry.

Writing Craft:

Chekhov’s Gun, Chandler’s Gun, and Hitchcock’s Bomb – A brief outline and exploration of three great plot devices

* * *

Hopefully I’ll be back onto my posting regime again in 2015, and I have some great ideas for posts lined up for January. See you then!


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