Bra Trek 2: The Voyage Home

(Yes, I know that was the title of 4, not 2, but I haven’t written 4 posts about the quest for a bra. Leave me alone!)

So I promised last week that I would update on my progress as regards finding a bra that works for me. The story, as I left it, was that I had found two “pull-on” bras to order from Amazon, a bandeau bra and a normal pull-on style. I ordered the bandeau in black, and the other in white because black feels sexier, but I also want something that can be relatively discreet underneath a normal white smart shirt.

Well, at the start of the week, I found that my local supermarket also stocks pull-on bras, of a different make from the ones I ordered. So I bought a black one (as a combination not previously ordered). This gave me a total of three possible bras to try.

The supermarket was a Belvia pull-on bra. The others, from Amazon, were both by Surefit.


And the winner is…

The white pull-on bra from Surefit.

The black Belvia bra, while it fit well, was just the wrong shape. The pads were hard to get out and in, and frequently got bunched up awkwardly when I tried the bra on.

The bandeau bra from Surefit proved to be too small to get into or out of easily. Several of the reviews of Surefit products on Amazon reported that it “tended small” or “very small”, and recommended buying the next size up. For the bandeau bra, that is advice I would certainly heed in future.

The pull-on bra, however, proved to be a perfect fit. It conformed to my contours with or without the breast enhancers, the pads were comfortable, easy to access, and kept their shape properly while I was wearing and getting into or out of the bra.

There is a “Queer Munch” on Monday, and I may very well decide to wear the bra to it, as a discreet option under my regular clothes, and indulge my genderfluidity a bit more than I usually feel free to do when I go out of the home.

So, overall conclusions: I have what I need. I know what to look for when I decide to spend a bit more on feeling even sexier bra-wise. I’m hopeful this will give me new scope for being me.


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