SHORT STORY: Selling Bodies (a parable?)

The oft-repeated trope that sex work somehow involves women “selling their bodies” is equally often answered by sex workers saying, “Hey, look, I’ve still got mine!”

I let my imagination do its thing, and the following is a small snippet of what it conjured. Political views within the story not necessarily relevant to sex work, and certainly not necessarily in accordance with my own (although there’s a reason why the Warden quotes first SWERFs then a (made up) religious text). There’s an implication that in this magic world, a trans person could buy a body of their desired sex (and/or sell a body of the wrong sex) to achieve transition; I haven’t explored in this short story any of the implications from that possibility, but would like to note that it highlights the link between SWERF and TERF thinking: namely the desire to control and regulate others’ bodies. In general, this could use more thought and any thoughtful criticism would be appreciated.

Mostly, I just found the middle scene amazingly sexy to write…

– * –

Selling Bodies

“It’s disgusting in this day and age that women are still forced to sell their bodies,” raged the Warden, “We must bring an end to this barbaric trade!”

The Councillor shrugged, “Most of them choose to do it, Ma’am. The Realm does not interfere in the private choices of individuals, and that has been the policy of the High Council for many years. Besides, men do the same.”

“Nonsense! I have seen first-hand the harms that result from selling their bodies, the isolation and detachment, how these poor souls suffer. It’s my job to watch over the victims of the predatory traders, who trick innocent young souls into surrendering themselves. Men aren’t subject to the same pressures.”

The Councillor sat, and gestured the Warden to join him at the table.

“What do you propose?”

“It is written, ‘All are created with one body indivisible, which is their seat and power.’ How can we allow that to be broken? How can we allow people to be broken, for the vile lusts of perverted souls? We should end the demand, by creating a law against buying others. Ban the evil trade, Councillor!”

“What of the disabled? This so-called evil trade, as I said, is mainly willing participants, operating independently, and surely the disabled have a right to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh again?”

“Spare me! One body indivisible, is our right. We can make of that body what we wish, and no one should have to give it up for anyone else.”

The Councillor rose, “I confess, Ma’am, I was ill-prepared for this meeting. I shall of course take your concerns to the Council.”


The Councillor sat beside himself. He had never known the real name of the woman who sold him her body, though the price he had paid was more than enough for her needs, he was sure. Stepping from one body to the other had been disturbing at first, everything felt different. He looked down at his young, pert breasts and wondered why his wife hadn’t been pleased when he offered her the body to try on. Reaching into his own lap – the lap of the body in which he’d met the Warden – he stroked its cock with expert fingers, knowing as only he could where and how to stimulate it best. Of course, it responded. No thought or will there, of course. Just the natural physiological processes preparing his body for action. He had never appreciated how beautiful it could feel, and how that feeling translated into appreciation of the sight and scent too, until he had bought this body.

The sensations in his own crotch were still fascinating and unfamiliar to him, though he forgot how long he’d been doing this. All he knew was that he yearned to be penetrated, to wrap his cunt around his own hard, proud member.

He cast a sheath spell over the cock, and laid the slumbering body on its back. He slid over himself, guiding his cock into his cunt with one hand, the other resting on his chest. He hoped he wouldn’t come too soon this time, so he could enjoy the orgasm this body so richly deserved.


“I find it empowering,” the young spirit said, “I finally have the peace and solitude I need to finish my studies and qualify in Magic Therapy.”

The interviewer objected, “But don’t you feel degraded, selling your body to be used however your buyer wants?”

“Well, maybe a little bit. But it’s not as if I’m using the body anyway, you know?”

“But what if you decide you want a body again? Won’t you be trapped in your current state?”

“Well, I saved a lot of my gilders, and get by on cheap wishes. I’ll buy a body second-hand until I earn enough with my magic to get something nicer. But if this new law passes, it will make it far harder for me to exit the Unseen Realm and become the person I always dreamed I could. I wouldn’t have been able to afford my college, even.”

“And your old body?”

“Who cares? I hope someone gets a lot of pleasure from it.”

The seance ended, and the anchor turned to the Warden, “What do you say to that?”


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