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Brand, Miliband, Cameron: Engagement or Derision

I want to be absolutely clear about something before I start: in my opinion, Russell Brand is an absolute twat, a jumped-up arrogant, self-important “radical” twat of the type I stopped being roughly when I stopped being a teenager and … Continue reading

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Tasks, Resolutions and Storytelling

Every so often you’ll hear someone mention as a part of their field of interest a concept that sounds immensely familiar, not from their field, but from something only loosely related. On Saturday, ruralrover @ The Counselling Blog used a … Continue reading

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Why They Stay: A Microcosm

Content Note: Emotional abuse; victim thought processes/mindsets It is easy to find posts on feminist blogs, or women’s rights blogs (the two are not always synonymous, unfortunately) explaining why abuse victims stay in abusive relationships. If you have an ounce … Continue reading

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Change, my dear. And not a moment too soon!

The eagle-eyed among my readers will probably have noticed the theme has changed slightly here. For a while I had harboured vague worries that maybe the text was a bit too small to be easily read by visually impaired readers … Continue reading

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On the individual third person (why singular they isn’t enough)

On my “Language” page, I note that I am unhappy with the use of singular “they” when talking about a specific person (though always deferring to a person’s stated pronouns where I know them). I am fine with a generic … Continue reading

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Elust #69 Dudes!

Photo courtesy of Sex Is My New Hobby Welcome to Elust #69 – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice … Continue reading

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Albert, Bernard, Cheryl and the theory of mind

I love a good maths/logic puzzle. I love it even more when it becomes a language puzzle as well, and it seems social media has picked up on one such today. Known as the Cheryl Birthday Problem, you get a … Continue reading

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We now have Shared Parental Leave – so why didn’t I hear about it?

Girl on the Net has written up the case already, and perfectly, so there really is very little for me to add here except pointing everyone to her post. This is the sort of thing that I would be all … Continue reading

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Brain science, touch and some questions on BDSM

I’m about 5 weeks behind in reading New Scientist articles, having just finished the 28 February edition. One article in particular in that edition struck me as interesting from the point of view of understanding BDSM in a neurological or … Continue reading

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2015 General Election: My Letter to Candidates

I’m a bit of a politics geek at times, so I know that officially the nominations for the parliamentary constituency in which I live closed at 4:30pm yesterday (Thursday) afternoon. As it happens, there were no late surprise entries and … Continue reading

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