We now have Shared Parental Leave – so why didn’t I hear about it?

Girl on the Net has written up the case already, and perfectly, so there really is very little for me to add here except pointing everyone to her post.

This is the sort of thing that I would be all over if it had entered my field of vision, but it didn’t. It’s one of the big changes that I really hoped for from feminist campaigning precisely because it’s a clear, solid-gold example of how Patriarchy harms men (and male-bodied) people too. Yet I never heard it was happening.

The change came in at the beginning of April, GotN reports, and yet I saw nothing in the national press, and nothing in my usual haunts online. It’s not like I make a habit of looking up articles on specific topics, but as GotN reports, the people who supposedly care about Men’s Rights have been suspiciously silent about this too. It’s almost as if, if something is good for women, they don’t want to know?

As GotN says, this should be trumpeted from the rooftops, fireworks, 21-gun salute, the whole nine yards and then some. It angers me that no one seems to have noticed or cared.


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