Change, my dear. And not a moment too soon!

The eagle-eyed among my readers will probably have noticed the theme has changed slightly here.

For a while I had harboured vague worries that maybe the text was a bit too small to be easily read by visually impaired readers (at times I struggled a little myself) but equally wasn’t really prompted into doing anything about it. I needed a specific “prod”. Well, today it came via the Google “mobilegeddon”.

I should be much more bothered than I am about searches and SEO and all that stuff, given that I am supposed to be trying to build some kind of a brand and market for my novel. To be honest, I don’t know if the new theme will make any difference at all. Like I said, it needed doing anyway and this event proved to be the “prod” to get my arse in gear and sort it out.

I hope you like the new look. I chose a new banner image because in the new theme, the old one looked a bit dreary and depressing; I chose something a bit more summery because, well, summer, really. I hope also that it is a little easier to read my drivel now. Comments welcome!


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I overthink everything.
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