The excitement of seeing the finish line (writing)

The past couple of weeks, I have been racing through the rewrite/2nd draft of my novel. I feel confident that by the end of this month, or possibly the first week of next month, it will be complete and ready to send out to beta-readers for feedback and corrections.

It is hugely exciting to me to reach this stage, and to feel the story coming together properly, in a form that I can show to others for the first time. The slog and struggle through thousands of words has been worth it. There’s under 5k words left in the original draft, and the falling action to denouement to write. The last sex/BDSM scene is written (rewritten).

I started writing it something like 8 or 9 years ago (I forget exactly when). In 2012 I made a New Year’s Resolution to finish the thing after it had languished for years due to depression and other things, and in 2013 I finished the first draft. A few distraction between then and now meant it’s taken longer than I planned to get to this stage, but here I am.

At this stage on the first draft, I looked ahead and saw only more work: the second draft. At this stage, I finally have something approximating a finished product. It’s going to need painting, polishing, making good and all that jazz, but it’s something I’m proud to show, in its entirety, to people who can advise where that polishing and painting and whatnot comes in. I admit that in part I’m hoping to do without an editor, simply because I’m not sure how I’ll fund hiring one. But if I can figure out a way, then I will do. I want this to be the best book it can be.

But for now, I just want to be finished. I want to hurry along and get to the point where I can say, “Tell me what you think.”


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