Amnesty International backs decriminalisation of sexwork!

Amnesty International listened to sexworkers and voted for decriminalisation as a campaign position.

Not really my battle directly (although I am hopeful my AdultWork services will take off soon) but:


if earthquakes mean God hates gays, do rainbows mean he loves sexworkers?

Rainbows on AI SW day!

This is no small thing. This is Big. Like, REALLY big. It has no legal force, but it means that Amnesty will be putting pressure on governments to put sex workers’ rights first, and do the only thing that sex workers feel can help protect them. [Edit to add] Amnesty International have a video countering the prohibitionist arguments:

I’ve used this as an opportunity to quiz the Labour leadership and deputy leadership candidates (or at least, the ones who have even half a chance of winning my vote/2nd preference) on their positions regarding sex work, and the censorship of online “adult” material that is disproportionately affecting small businesses creating honest, ethical, positive and feminist representations of sex for pleasure, or sexual fantasy, rather than the more corrosive mainstream providers of porn. (Pandora Blake has been a vocal campaigner and is battling the censorship targeted at her site.)

But for now, sex workers are celebrating.


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