Scheduling and other fun things

I have over the past few weeks been struggling to fit everything in (as the actress said to the bishop) so this weekend I made a list of all the things that I want or need to get done in a week. This included things like writing my stories, doing the shopping, catching up on television shows and doing conventional jobsearch. It also includes “sleep” – if I at least have an official “this is when I do it” I have more of an incentive to make sure I actually do get my 8 hours.

I don’t like having a long list of “things to do” – I know some people love ticking things off lists (and some will write something they’ve just done onto the list, just so they can tick it off!) but for me the list remains a rebuke as long as there are unticked items on it and I can never be in credit with the list, only perpetually at fault for not having finished it. The past few weeks have been a “to do list” type of situation and I’ve finally got so fed up of forever not getting things done.

Instead, I will create an official time for everything and then I can either do things in that order or not, and at that time or not, but at least by looking what I have or haven’t done, I know what to do next and I know if I am ahead, behind, doing well, doing poorly, at managing the things to do. If I’ve done one thing early, then I can do another later in the slot it would have filled, and so on. I can also see what I’m displacing if I decide to take on some other activity instead.

Blog writing is now scheduled to happen on Monday evening and Friday afternoon, meaning updates should now be posted Tuesday and Friday. I’ve also scheduled in time to be ready on my Adultwork IM (and if things go well, I’m going to look at whether I can figure out a way to move this blog off WordPress and onto a server/host with friendlier adult rules, and maybe add a text chat service to it if I can figure out how to collect money for that; and finally work out some Patreon goodies to persuade folks like you to support the project).

It’s quite exciting seeing what could be possible.

Any ideas what sort of thing I could offer to Patreon subscribers would be greatly appreciated also.


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