#SoSS – ebook erotica recommendation

I feel a little guilty that I haven’t participated in the #SoSS tag events. It stands for Share Our Shit Saturday, and started because of how hard it is for people involved in sex work or sex blogging to reach new audiences, due to the practices of several of the main social media and blogging/micro-blogging platforms out there that try to hide us away.

Mostly it’s self-produced porn, webcam shows and the like. My own work is leaning towards the literary end of things: written word porn, effectively (although I would not classify Not To Choose as porn, it certainly has a lot of explicit sex scenes and is listed under Erotica at Smashwords, meaning it, too, is subject to all kinds of filters).

So I’m going to try to share some of the other erotic stories I’ve enjoyed from other authors on Smashwords.

This week, I got off to |In The Moment by Bishop Jones.

The short blurb says:

An unknown future and a long night, Inishi Mei must come to grips with her mortality while being stuck with a man she hates.

However, the story gives the heroine much more agency and potency than that description suggests. Yes, she hates him, but she needs a fuck before the enemy aliens break down the door of their bunker. What follows is deliciously dirty fucking and I will leave you to read it for yourselves.

The book is “name your own price”, which means you can choose to download for free, or pay any price above $0.99. I chose to pay for it, and I hope you will too!


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