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[RANT] Giving hand driers the hairdrier treatment

I’m in the mood to have a rant. The topic is hand driers. I strongly feel that having a hand drier in a public loo that can only dry your hands is not fit for purpose. That may seem like … Continue reading

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A “bad-faith” accusation is no excuse not to examine: Leftwing Labour and “anti-Semitism”

Another year, another accusation of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party. By this stage, the “usual suspects” have made it painfully obvious that the motivation is a wish to discredit and smear Jeremy Corbyn by any means available. They might as … Continue reading

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SEXTOY REVIEW: These nipple toys really suck (in a GOOD way)

[Apologies for the clichéd title but my brain was lazy!] Once upon a time, this was meant to be a blog about writing, and kinky sex, and writing about kinky sex, and sexing about kinky writing (Wait, is that right? … Continue reading

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Life at 40: Middle-aged and Not Dead Yet

CONTENT NOTE: Suicidal ideation; mention of BDSM So last weekend was a big family party to celebrate my 40th birthday. My birthday was not actually this weekend, but close enough to make tacking on a party to a previously scheduled … Continue reading

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Are school uniforms any use?

So this week, a couple of stories crossed my twitter timeline about school uniforms, relating to gender. This led to a discussion over whether or not school uniforms are even a good idea at all, or should they be abolished? … Continue reading

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