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Music Recommendation: The Trials Of Cato

Just a short post today as I’ve been pretty poorly all week and, being a temp, having to go to work anyway because money and stuff. I’d like to use my blog today to give a shout-out to a great … Continue reading

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STORY: Helpless Forest

CONTENT NOTE: Mind control, bondage, “horror” theme This is another “tag combination” writing prompt. The tags formed the phrase “Helpless Cop Forest” and I couldn’t resist coming up with a way to make that into a single thing, not just … Continue reading

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STORY: Parking Lot Hierarchy

CONTENT NOTE: Dubcon, blackmail theme One of the sites where I write for amusement has a tags system. It’s possible to generate tag clouds that often led to curious and intriguing juxtapositions. If I’m stuck for ideas, I load the … Continue reading

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Trying To Ban Voices Of Pain

CONTENT NOTE: Suicide, suicidal ideation, self-harm mentions and brief discussion. The news that the Tory Government wants to crack down on social media in all its forms and create a watchdog body to restrict “harmful” content is deeply worrying to … Continue reading

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My Day Out At EGX Rezzed Video Games Fair

On Friday, I decided to bunk off work and go to London for a day out in the big city, at a video games fair. (Actually, I’d booked my ticket to EGX Rezzed a couple of months ago, and in … Continue reading

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