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Weekly creative update 29-06-19 – Video Games Galore!

This week it has all been about video games. The main news is taht I have all-but finished building my “turret-based” faux-FPS game in Stencyl. Long hours groaning and muttering “But WHY are you doing that?!” at the test game … Continue reading

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Weekly creative update 22-06-19

In the last week I have mostly been focussed o getting my selfbuild PC completed. This involved more extra parts than I realised it would at first, but they did all get here and I finished the build yesterday and … Continue reading

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Weekly(?) Creative Update 15-06-19

Here’s a quick update on my creative endeavours over the last week or two. I will try to make this a regular weekly update (even if it gets repetitive) just as a way to remind myself to blog more often … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Cambridge Pride

On Saturday, I went to the Cambridge Pride event, which was not really a parade, it had more of a village fete vibe to it when I was there. The weather was horrible and wet, but there were still plenty … Continue reading

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