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STORY: Pleasure and Loyalty Protocols

CONTENT NOTE: The following story was written for a “no sex” tag challenge on another site; nevertheless, it involves nonconsent (and the acronym R.A.P.E. for the “bad guys”) and mind control themes which may be troubling for some readers. STR-2.03 … Continue reading

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Inform 7: Problems with Queer representation

So on Monday in my “creativity update” post I mentioned that Inform 7 has one or two “problematic” aspects to its structure and promised to write a post midweek about what I was finding I had concerns about. The most … Continue reading

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Weekly Creative Update (slightly late) 13-07-19

So over the weekend I had a bit of a crisis that kept my mind occupied, so I forgot to let you know what I’d been doing in the week. So this update is slightly late. (The crisis is now … Continue reading

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Weekly Creative Update 6-7-2019: Back to Storytime!

This week has been pretty good in terms of achievements, and in terms of acquiring new objectives and opportunities. The main triumph is that I have managed to build a fairly versatile line-of-sight system in Stencyl, which I can use … Continue reading

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