Weekly Creative Update 6-7-2019: Back to Storytime!

This week has been pretty good in terms of achievements, and in terms of acquiring new objectives and opportunities.

The main triumph is that I have managed to build a fairly versatile line-of-sight system in Stencyl, which I can use in a variety of ways to build what I hope will be a challenging and entertaining stealth-em-up game with a 2d “top-down” viewpoint. One of the best bits for that is I made it so you can have enemies only be visible when the player character is looking at them, meaning you can build quite a spooky/scary feel into a game.

With that project completed, the next challenge is to devise a storyline for the game(s) I want to use it in.

I also have time at last to get back to the novel (remember that?) and this week I did at last get to open the file and add a few hundred words.

Not only that, but I have some new games creation software packages to look into. The main one is GameMaker Studio 2 (GMS2) – it’s on sale until my birthday so I persuaded someone to buy me a Developer licence (can export files as games for Mac or PC). This is still 2d game development, but is the next step up from Stencyl. Whether I try to implement the same (or similar) line-of-sight solution in GMS2 or see what other projects the capabilities of that tool inspire in me remains to be seen.

With the aim of developing the storyline for the stealth-em-up I looked up Twine and Inklewriter – it turns out Inklewriter is no longer available, but the language it’s based on, “Ink“, is, so it may be worth my while learning that – someone at the first Game Creator Social I went to showed it to me and it looks like a very useful tool for the sorts of story-based games I’d like to be making. I also discovered Inform 7, which is another “interactive story” type tool, and my first impression is that it would be very useful for developing another game idea I had, which is trying to manage a newly-Communist economy after the revolution, and trying to stop it sliding into either tyranny, conquest by Capitalist military invasion, or creeping regression into a Capitalist-style economy. “Can you manage to develop the People’s Republic promised land that real-life revolutionaries largely failed to do?” I’ll need to think a lot more about what the forces are that drove the various attempts there have been in the different directions, how to model the population and wider Party, and also, what the roles, personalities and conflicts will be within your Politburo.

So I’m going to be looking into the various capabilities and strengths of those three tools/languages as well and see what ideas spring to mind.

Finally, this week, I have properly opened up my Twitch streaming channel – link in the sidebar. I’ve been playing PUBG (badly) and I hope burbling engagingly to my viewer, for an hour or two a night. (It is mostly just 1 viewer so far – I did have two for the length of my Thursday night stream, which was fun!) I’d really love to have some of my blog regulars come along and watch too. One of the goals to get monetised is to have a certain number of followers so if you, you know, wanted to click “Follow” and don’t mind getting the odd email notification that I exist, you could help me out by clicking Follow?

. . .

One day soon, I swear I will start writing proper blog posts again here. Maybe now I’m mostly focussed on the storytelling things again, the blogging inspiration will also click into gear.

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