This blog essentially exists as part of my online strategy to help promote my writing. I’m also going to use it to promote my musical creations and any other art or literature that I might produce.

As of December 2017, I intend to post a minimum of once a week. There is no way of knowing how long I will manage to keep up with this schedule but I always like it when other bloggers have a schedule, so I want to emulate that if I can.

I started my novel in 2006, then had depression for a few years, and finally revisited it; in 2012 I made a resolution to write at least 2 pages a week to get the first draft done. I have finally, in 2017, completed it to my own satisfaction and am ready to unleash it on the world as an e-book.

This is daunting, but where my life is situated at the moment I may never get a better chance than this to realise my potential as a composer, storyteller and a writer, so I’ve got to go for it.

The themes of the novel include BDSM (and how it really works, not that “50 Shades” nonsense), relationships, and a little bit of politics and religion.

The themes of this blog will include politics (especially gender politics – think feminism, trans issues etc), BDSM and real life (and a bit of hot fantasy as well if I’m in the mood), relationships (or my ongoing quest for one – currently “single and looking”), friendships, music, and a little bit of religion.

Your author, dear Reader, identifies as:

  • Genderfluid nonbinary Male-Assigned-At-Birth;
  • Sadomasochist (I both like to hurt and be hurt);
  • Dominant (although I certainly am no stranger to the pleasures of Submission, it’s not a part of my identity the way being Dominant is – NB, I capitalise the BDSM terms to distinguish them from the common usage);
  • Bisexual (or possibly bi-curious – around 1.5-2 on the Kinsey scale, people I find attractive are split roughly 90:10 F:M);
  • Depressive – it’s been years since I needed medication for attacks, but it’s something that will never completely go away. I just need to be aware of it and recognise the symptoms when they return, and respond with the techniques I’ve learned to cope and get things done despite it.
  • White British, and proud to be descended from immigrants, some of whom were Roma (going back to the 19th Century) and Irish. I loathe those people (e.g. BNP, EDL, etc) who want to make pride in this country mean hating people from elsewhere (especially if they look different).
  • Christian – I am somewhat outside of the orthodoxy of the organised Church on a number of issues, but my faith in a loving God whose forgiveness knows no bounds, is now firm and true. That said, I have read various books from other faiths and found lessons of value from them all in seeking my understanding of God.

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