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New year, new pronouns!

After a long search, I have arrived at last at a set of nonbinary gender pronouns that feel comfortable when applied to myself. It started with the Gender Census report on their Pronouns Question responses, where I learned of a … Continue reading

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Inventing my own PUBG Headcanon

I’m always looking for the hidden stories in media I read/watch/listen to/play – the background clues that point to other narratives, or unstated backstories, or whatever else. I like it when you’re given these as well (the Tomb Raider video … Continue reading

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Labour Conference, “People’s Vote” and the lack of alternatives

So, Labour Party Conference is under way now, and all sorts of controversy whirls around still. One of the biggest is the People’s Vote question. For those who don’t know, the “People’s Vote” campaign is the latest incarnation of the … Continue reading

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New gear, Self-doubt, Mid-life “crisis”, and Depression

Today I got a huge bit of musical kit delivered. It’s a 300W Ashdown bass amp. I’m 40 years old, and every time I buy myself something awesome I find myself being struck by the question, “Am I having a … Continue reading

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You “know” more than you think when it comes to “Write What You Know”

The thing about being a writer is that you need experiences to fuel the writing. So today I am thinking about some of the curious things I’ve done this summer and how they overlap and provide texture for things that … Continue reading

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I have the inevitable curse of a blogger – a dearth of inspiration for things to blog about. I could write about something political but a) that’s not the main focus of this blog, or isn’t supposed to be; b) … Continue reading

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Office design, and the theoretical person I am not like

In my last post, where I had a bit of a rant about badly-designed hand driers, I promised a bit more about the new office building where my current temp placement has me toiling away. This is so very obviously … Continue reading

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[RANT] Giving hand driers the hairdrier treatment

I’m in the mood to have a rant. The topic is hand driers. I strongly feel that having a hand drier in a public loo that can only dry your hands is not fit for purpose. That may seem like … Continue reading

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A “bad-faith” accusation is no excuse not to examine: Leftwing Labour and “anti-Semitism”

Another year, another accusation of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party. By this stage, the “usual suspects” have made it painfully obvious that the motivation is a wish to discredit and smear Jeremy Corbyn by any means available. They might as … Continue reading

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SEXTOY REVIEW: These nipple toys really suck (in a GOOD way)

[Apologies for the clichéd title but my brain was lazy!] Once upon a time, this was meant to be a blog about writing, and kinky sex, and writing about kinky sex, and sexing about kinky writing (Wait, is that right? … Continue reading

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