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[SPOILERS] Jyn, Bleakness & Hope – A Quick Take on Rogue One

SPOILER GAP… . . . [preparing primary ignition sequence] . . . [pushing the green buttons, then the red ones] . . . So, today I saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at the cinema. First impressions: Beautifully designed, … Continue reading

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Vote for orgasms! (in pictorial form)

I have been struggling to string words together in a presentable way all weekend to construct a proper blog post. Hasn’t worked yet. BUT! The big news to pass on is that Girl On The Net’s “Draw Your Orgasm” competition … Continue reading

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What does YOUR orgasm look like?

Something different today: a visual post! With painting! Without the aid of numbers! And, despite the post title, it’s SFW… Girl on the Net has a competition running to create visual representations of the experience of orgasm. There are many … Continue reading

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